Joseph Hsieh

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I help Shopify merchants with marketing automation and retention with Klaviyo, Octane, Privy, Smile, Recharge and many other apps and tools.

Brands and merchants I work with are listed here: Retention Commerce
Contact me if you think we should work together.

I actively answer questions about Shopify/Klaviyo/Ecommerce here:

Occasionaly, I do social media stuff here:

For fun, I dabble in AI, crypto, robotics and electronics, vintage speech synthesizers, data analytics/viz, and retro gaming (16-bit era). I code in Python at every opportunity. I prefer spaces over tabs, but non-binary for text editors (vi, Sublime, VScode, PyCharm, JupyterLab).

I am lucky to be a dad to two beautiful daughters, husband to a forgiving and lovely wife, and I get bossed around by a tiny Cockapoo.

Whenever possible, I apply Occam's razor to every day life!